1. Hydrate! That means moisturizing from head to toe!
  2. Wear lose clothing until it is time to get dressed. Guys + Gals, if you have longer hair and aren’t wearing a robe try a button down shirt so you don’t mess up those gorgeous locks.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes the days prior and the morning of so those dancing tootsies are ready to move.
  4. Do NOT tan, spray tan, wax or try a new hair color within 48 hours of your wedding day.
  5. Take images of your bridal party BEFORE you say I do so that you will have a more relaxed time and more time for your bridal session in between, even if you are not having a reveal.
  6. Designate a handler! This means making sure all of your vendor payments that are due that day are taken care of, all your $ envelopes + gifts are taken care of.
  7. Can you say SNACK person? Yes, you need to eat and Yes, you will still fit in that Gorgeous gown! Have snacks for your bridal room/limo, etc. Low-blood sugar is a NO GO on the big day …after all, you want to enjoy your day!
  8. Have your Caterer pack a late night meal for you and your groom so you aren’t famished for the long night ahead. You’ll probably be so rushed during the reception you won’t eat enough in order to speak to all of your guests unfortunately.
  9. Detailed Itineraries are actually good! You know what you want done by your bridal party but they may not and it’s better to have them prepared for their jobs rather than you stressing out about missed jobs or delegation on your day
  10. Remember why you are primping and prepping for your day… your new spouse! Carry a picture from when you first dated in your purse/pocket and remind yourself of why you are getting married to the man/woman of your dreams. Do not for get this throughout your day…it’s easy to miss time that will fly by that day from your bride/groom. Make sure you make every effort to connect on the day of your wedding especially at the reception.

Want more? Check out this link I found on BUZZFEED.

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