How the Ondich Rustic Wedding was captured on an Apple Orchard Hillside at Maple Farms.. ja design and photo, llc. – Cleveland Photographer

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Many of my clients meet me with the vision they dreamt their whole life for their wedding day. For the Ondich Couple, John and Alexandria, this was no different. Since I have worked with Alexandria + John I knew them from tastes to worries to wishes with shooting their 2nd childs maternity images. With the help of their Wedding Coordinator through Mapleside Farms and A Taste of Excellence, details we discussed through meeting various times came through amazing. One thing about your wedding when planning to remember is that your vendors should not only feel like friends while being professional but also understand your creative vision. If your vendors can envision the look they’ll be able to convey the emotion you would like your guests and your day to feel.



The Gorgeous Bride, was as excited as she was nervous as most Brides AND Grooms do. I assured her she looked Gorgeous, as she did and that her Groom would be in awe that he would get to marry her. The Groom was so excited  She couldn’t wait to be married to her High School sweetheart John. She hoped (and I believe exceeded) her dress and makeup and hair was pretty enough for the day. See the expectations of the Bride are important and had been through everything up to this moment from the baby breath, to the popcorn bar to the placement of the cake and it isn’t finished until the day is. I assured her I had photographed all of her Gorgeous details and that she would be amazed. She took a deep breath , said Good-bye to Miss Hach and left her suite for her first look with her soon to be husband. So much emotion as she walked from behind and as she took each breath I feel I could hear John’s heart beat in anticipation. They met and time stood motionless except for the tears that flowed down her face. John giggled in Joy and awe of his beautiful bride in their private and intimate moment between them. His appreciation of all of her hard work made for an overwhelming pulse of excitement. As my 2nd shooter and I stepped back and captured the moment from across the beautiful dark wood of the location and the pretty lights, we both took a breath and felt a joy in our job as wedding photographers and friends. As they parted from the ceremony, the bride gathered her thoughts while admiring the details laid out so strategically and beautifully from the cake to the linens to the decor on the fireplace. She was pleased.




Alexandria’s Daddy took her hand with a moment of mixed emotions, he kissed her forehead and walked quickly to the hill. He seemed so happy and excited but I can only imagine he though, “I better get her there before I get emotional!” So off I ran in front as their friends and family watched them follow their bridal party to the beautiful hillside of the gorgeous view overlooking the apple farm below. There he was. There she was. They said their vowes and passionately sealed their promise with a kiss.



They were always family and connected and now it was official and everyone could know the bond they already knew before.


The details were captured in such a fun reception to follow their bridal session. A FUN + Intimate session to have captured for a lifetime. I am pleased to witness and capture their day. 

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