Cleveland + Northeast, Ohio Maternity Photographer | ja design and photo | Alex Hach | Maternity Gown Model

Alex Hach’s 1st Maternity Session and a Cleveland, OHIO • Maternity Photographer
– ja design and photo, llc.
Model: Alexandrea Hach | ja design and photo, llc | Don & Judy Lee Designs

Alex and I took off on a quick adventure to get some gowns photographed and some images of her adorable baby bump. I had been admiring a spot near Cleveland, Ohio in North Olmsted, Ohio for a little over a year and decided hey, lets just try it!

Alex – slightly shy, was excited to jump into one of my many gowns available that I own for my clients to enjoy during their sessions. Like most new Mommies not sure how to pose with her ever-growing baby bump, I talked her through as we giggled at my ridiculous impressions of a pregnant posing maternity model. She got the idea and jumped right aboard!


Never having maternity photos taken with me ( ja design and photo – ) she wasn’t sure how it would turn out in just some random sidewalk behind a local school. She trusted her friend and photographer anyhow… and doesn’t she look Gorgeous!? Thank you Judy & Don Newborn Props.

I would love to be your Photographer & Guest in the beautiful life story starring you…

Cleveland Photographer, Ohio Photographer, Sandusky Photographer + Graphic Designer.


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