Cleveland Family Lifestyle Photographer | The Flenner’s – Cleveland, Ohio | Natural Light Photography | Fun on the East Side of Town | ja design and photo


So, like many photographers out there I have amazing clients and great images but that Fear word scares me from putting it out there. These images have been burning a hole in my computer they are so pretty.  So here we go!

I had the pleasure of capturing an evening with an adorable family of 4 in Cleveland. I love shooting natural light whenever possible and Cleveland’s weather doesn’t always allow for it…we were fortunate to have a beautiful day!

Like many other sessions from Cleveland to Sandusky to Northeast Ohio and beyond, I like to play as a child with the children and adults. Cleveland, Ohio isn’t always the most giving of such warm beautiful days so we took full advantage of the light coming through the home and through the clouds outside. A little night time walk was decided and we strolled down the street full of giggles and smiles as each memory was created. How lucky I am to be saving these drops of memories in a sea filled with a lifetime of them. Just a few to hold on to, for these beauties and this moment won’t last for long.


Our adventure led us to a beautiful park where Momma and Daddy chased their little dream catchers around in circles until they all laid in laughter in the grass. Baby sister stared at them on a blanket with a twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes and a scrunch of her wittle nose as if she new something we all didn’t. Her laughter squealed and struck a joyous nerve that only a parent would truly understand and fully take in. A moment trapped in a babies breath and a Mommy and Daddy’s heart. Her beautiful big sister joined in the laughter but in her own independent way… twirling her pretty cotton dress, arms wide, heart open, curls bouncing without a care in the world.


The fun and games landed for a final photo on a blanket in what felt like a playground ending in snuggles. The, off we arrived back to their Gorgeous home to settle for bed time. As Momma read to her babes, Daddy listened with a smile seeming to believe that he is hearing a beautiful song sang in words of Love. Momma looks up in awe of her moment with her most favored and Loved in life and smiles as she continues to tuck her babes to sleep.

I leave the home feeling connected for life. What a joy to have clients that enjoy their life as much as I hope to preserve it for them. A Cleveland, Ohio Family Lifestyle session with ja design and photo, llc.

I would love to be your Photographer & Guest in the beautiful life story starring you…


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